The brief

Driven by an intrinsic passion for the Arts, The Hub is a Kuwaiti-based platform dedicated to preserving the value of art within its communities. The Hub provides a space that is fraught with innovatively-created crafts; either by painters’ brush strokes or writers’ pens breathing life into words. Visitors enjoy an assortment of creative services; to satiate their aesthetic sense. Not only does The Hub give the artists top-notch exhibition space that is fueled by colors and brilliantly-painted figures to showcase their gift, but also manages to offer every bookworm a cozy space to unwind and get lost in their reading or be social and have a book review by a featured renowned author. Situated in the Sharq area of Kuwait City, on the Arabian Gulf Road, The Hub's location isn't only strategic but also pays homage to old Kuwaiti traditions. The Hub is founded to be a meeting point for aspiring artists and youths with a penchant for any creation that is meant to appeal to the mind and senses.